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The project is aimed to solve urban problems with the active participation of St. Petersburg residents. Everyone can easily take part in solving the problems of the city by registering on the site. Together with you we will create a platform uniting the interests of the city and the residents of St. Petersburg.

The algorithm is very simple and straightforward. After registering on the site, select the task from the list. Once you complete your task, you will receive City Tokens, which you can exchange for goods and services provided by project partners.
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We invite you to participate in the project.
The goal of the project is the formation of an active civil society and the creation of a city of the future with advanced information technologies. We create a single platform for collecting, recording and processing information using blockchain technology. It allows you to combine the information systems of the city, accumulating their tasks on one platform and expanding the audience of each of them.
The basis of the platform tool is the City Token, the value of which is determined by the project participants and the "mining" of which launches game mechanisms that stimulate interest in the project and partner organizations.The target audience of the project: active residents of St. Petersburg, municipalities and administrations of St. Petersburg.

How it works
Choose a task
Choose a task Below you will find a list of tasks. Choose any and act!
Report. Send the before and after photos to with the note "City Token" from the mail from which you took the task.
Choose gifts
Choose gifts. City tokens will be awarded for the assignment. Exchange tokens for gifts.
Choose task
Perform tasks of the city, get tokens and spend them at your discretion!

This section is under development and will be available later.
Exchange tokens
Городской токен
What you need for a cheerful morning? Of course, a sip of coffee - forward to new challenges!
about the project
The project's mission is to unleash the potential of information systems in urban space, to develop common standards for e-government and the successful implementation of electronic services.Creating a single platform of motivation between different information systems will help to use a wider range of services provided. The project is created to attract citizens to actively participate in the life of the city through borrowing experience gaming platforms, which in turn will help participants quickly understand the principles of work in information systems, and the process will make it interesting and useful.The introduction of blockchain technology will provide the necessary transparency and openness for all project participants.
The project is being developed
Research laboratory
Supported by
Administration of Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg
Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
НП "Приор Северо-Запад"
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